Scum Bag

Self-conscious, studious Julia is bowled over by the arrival of Peter Groves, the Greek God, known to all his friends as Ami. He’s a real catch and Julia seems to be the one reeling him in. With a little bit of help from her scatty, wannabe teenager, Auntie Vee, she even seems to be doing better than her supercool friend Kate who never has a problem attracting boys.

Then she loses her nerve.

Even so, whatever she does, she can’t get away from how much she fancies Ami.

So there are fights, tears, pantomime rehearsals... then things begin to change.

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Robbie and his family are poor. Jace’s are just the opposite. A shared love of nature keeps the two boys being the best of friends. Their friendship is threatened when Robbie is given a kite which seems to have a secret which only Robbie can know.

Strange things are happening on the shore to the sea birds and the fish. Robbie has to enlist Jace’s help.

But what is the old fisherman Dogger Brown up to?

Is the friendship of the two boys and the secret of the kites enough to prevent an ecological disaster?

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Veiled Dreams

Christina Thomas is not coping very well with her newly diagnosed epilepsy. She is coping even less well with the break up with her lovely boyfriend, Jan.

A freak accident puts her into a coma and she is whisked away to another world, very different from her own, yet at the same time remarkably familiar.

After a while, she no longer knows where she belongs and whether she can ever be truly happy.

The clue to her happiness seems to lie in a mysterious pot she has acquired from her favourite make-up shop, Pandora’s Potions.

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