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Rozia’s G-Log

Rozia Laurence is a minor character in the first Peace Child novel, The Prophecy. She becomes a major character in the second novel in the trilogy, Babel. “Rozia’s G-Log” is an off-shoot of this second story and represents a two-fold experiment for me as a writer:

I am using the blog as a form of fiction.

I am letting the character lead me, rather than having a plot worked out beforehand.

Rozia’s G-Log forms a bridge between books two and three

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Writing Teacher

A Publisher’s Perspective

Potatoes in Spring

This is about my novel set during World war two. The novel gives an interesting perspective on the Holocaust. It formed part of a recent sabbatical project and came about because I obtained an extraordinary resource. Read more here:

The Creative Café Project

This is my fun social enterprise. After all, writers and coffee and cake go very well together.

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