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Food Assembly Instructions

Food Assembly Instructions

Publisher: Bridge House

ISBN: 0-9557-9100-6

OK, you've now got a kitchen – but what can you do with it? You could prepare endless rounds of beans on toast. Or you could try something equally easy but far more interesting. This little book will try and help steer you towards the latter. This is not so much a cookery book as a set of assembly instructions that will show you how to take ordinary, readily-available, groceries, a very basic set of tools and equipment, and construct varied and interesting everyday meals quickly and easily.

The information is presented as logically as possible. Ingredients are listed in the order in which they are needed. The recipe steps are all simple instructions, and are in the order they have to be carried out. Every main course dish describes a complete meal, either by listing what to accompany it with, or because it is complete in itself. And because these dishes represent a more-or-less complete lifestyle, there are just a few “gold star” dishes, too, for those odd occasions when you want to have friends round for dinner, or want to impress that special person in your life. There is also an extensive cross-reference listing of ingredients-to-recipes to answer that common question “what can we cook to use up the... [insert impulse bulk-purchased ingredient here]?”

The contents of this book will make your life much more interesting without making it more complicated.

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